Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

Please be aware that non-NHS reports, letters and requests can take up to 2 months to complete. Some reports are payable by the company or local authority. We ask that payment for all reports that require an examination is done prior to the appointment.

Certificates / Forms / Letters


 To Whom it May Concern Letter/ private letter


 Disability Living Allowance


 Letter request from Airline regarding medication/ fitness to fly


 Health Club – Fit to exercise letter


 BUPA / Travel / Insurance Form (short)


 Insurance Form (Long)


 Insurance Form (short)


 Medical Exam & Report for HGV/LGV/PSV/Taxi

£160 (payment required before appointment)

 Private Sick Certificate BMA


 Adoption Health Report/ Fostering Medical


 Blue Badge supporting letter


 Pre-employment Medical Exam & Report

£95.00 - £120.00

 Comprehensive Examination and Report

£95.00 - £120.00 (payment required before appointment)

 Medical Exam & Report for Elderly Drivers

£100.00 (payment before appointment)

 Long Medical Report without Exam

£50.00 - £85.00

 Power Of Attorney Witness


 Army Medical

£100 (payable by patient or local authority)

 Police Force Medical

£100 (payable by patient or local authority)

Request Medical Report

Need a medical report?

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