Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

Not all services are free within the NHS, please see below to find out the prices for various services we offer at the surgery. Please note that all non-NHS reports, letters and requests can take up to 28 days.

Certificates / Forms / Letters


 BUPA / Travel / Insurance Form (short)


 Insurance Form (Long)


 Insurance Form (short)


 Fitness to fly/ drive


 DVLA Report


 Private Letter

£15.00 - £25.00

 Letter request from Airline regarding medication etc…


 Short letter for Bank/Building Society, Housing Council/Association etc…


 Health Club – Fit to exercise


 Private Sick Certificate BMA


 Adoption Health Report


 Pre-employment Medical Exam & Report

£95.00 - £120.00

 Comprehensive Examination and Report

£95.00 - £120.00

 Medical Exam & Report for HGV/LGV/PSV/Taxi


 Medical Exam & Report for Elderly Drivers


 Long Medical Report without Exam

£50.00 - £85.00

 Power Of Attorney Witness


 Passport and Naturalisation form

No Longer done by GP


Request Medical Report

Need a medical report?

Complete this form and one of our practice staff will contact you to book in a medical report appointment.